by contemplativeinquiry

Julie Bond, a monastic Druid from the Order of the Sacred Nemeton, discusses her daily practice round. A beautiful way to practice contemplative Druidry.

Druid Monastic

Beginnings, beginnings, how to get started?

Although I am now with the Order of the Sacred Nemeton (OSN), a contemplative Druid monastic Order, I had been working on my own, developing a Druid monastic practice, for some years prior to that. I became a novice with the OSN in 2010 and took my full vows in 2012, but I had been studying monastic practice, mostly Christian monastic practice, since the 1990’s.

I looked at various Christian monastic Orders, mainly the Benedictines, Cistercians, and Carthusians, looking at their daily timetables and forms of prayer, as well as other aspects of their lives. I noticed that often their prayer times did seem to be linked to events like Dawn and Dusk, Midday, and Midnight, and I realised that these daily events are also relevant to Druid practice.

The Dawn, Dusk, Midday, and Midnight, structure then became the framework to build on. But…

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