by contemplativeinquiry

Last Wednesday, 17 February 2016, I married Elaine Knight. We’ve known each other for something like 25 years. We’ve been partners for nearly 11 years, living together for over 7 of them. Elaine is still Elaine Knight – she’s not changing her name. We will continue to have large spheres of autonomy  as well as togetherness. Yet we agree that our simple ceremony and the exchange of rings has made a significant difference. Just looking at mine, or touching it, inspires feelings of peace, joy, love and gratitude – towards Elaine, and in the wider what-is.



There’s a possibly related process running in my formal spirituality, which for around a decade has been predominantly though not exclusively under the aegis of OBOD Druidry. In recent months I’ve sensed a reduction in intensity. The flavour now seems to be one of consolidating and easing into a new normal, a spirituality, alive as an ever-present background influence and less compelling as a foreground pre-occupation. I intend to continue my service roles – OBOD mentoring, and the offer of contemplative spaces with Elaine and other companions – whilst finding that I feel more relaxed about them. That’s probably good for my performance of the roles.

In the meantime Elaine and I will be spending time together and with close relatives in York and Edinburgh over the next 10 days and I won’t be writing another blog post until my return.