by contemplativeinquiry

Here is another take on the divine child theme – this time by Nuinn (Ross Nichols), who led OBOD in its 1964-75 manifestation.  Ross’ poem is called ‘The Coming Child’.


We have created a web of flesh and blood

A fish in our river, a frog in our shallows;

And he shall be a beast of promise and a springing grain.


Shedding the child is an act of plenty

The womb full-eared, the excess of the year

And its coming again.

He came in a tent, he

Paddled in a boat, he

Went to the weir.


Who is he that came in a tent

And was known in the waters of the firmament?


Even he, the web of blood and flesh,

The small thing nestled in red,

Floating in the water of motherhead

In a bag of skin.


The beast shall leap aloud and shout

From rock to rock;

And this new grain shall be in ear

Before twelve year.


What is the sign that this shall be?

For life and death fall fatally.


The waters of the weir are dammed

But the falls flow on;

The sun dies and is eaten of Set

But there is a new sun.


The river cannot stop nor for long be stayed,

And its mighty fall

Is the descending of the milk of life,

Birth and succour of all.