by contemplativeinquiry

Another poem from the collection ‘Moon Poets: Six Pagan poets’ published by Moon Books and edited by Trevor Greenfield. This one is by Robin Herne, “educator, poet, storyteller, artist, dog-owner and Druid”, whose passion for mythologies extends beyond the Celtic world to the ancient Greek and (as in this poem) Egyptian cultures. Robert’s public blog can be found at http://roundtheherne.blogspot.co.uk/

The collection as a whole also includes work by Lorna Smithers, Tiffany Chaney, Romany Rivers, Martin Pallot and Beverley Price.



Awaken in peace

Beloved of the sun.

Awaken in peace

Follower of the moon.


Desert wanderer

Maker of tracks

In the pathless wastes

Grey light in a red land.


The door is bolted to me

Confined within my mind.

Opener of the ways,

Unlock what I cannot.


Let me ride besides you

In the barque of Re,

Worlds open before us.

Danger abounds, my soul yearns!


Howling in the darkness,

I shiver to your hot breath.

Let me be open, let me be open

And live, let me not sleep.


Robin Herne writes: “the Egyptian deity Wepwawet is known as the Opener of the Ways, and stands at the head of the sun god’s ship unlocking the doors that lead into Dwat, the Underworld, as the sun goes down in the west, and opening the doors back into the land of the living as the sun rises in the East. Establishing Egyptian metre is difficult owing to the uncertainty over precisely how words should be pronounced. However, surviving examples of poetry make use of frequently repeated phrases, much like musical refrains.”