I’m still walking around in circles. But since I wrote about it a week ago, the way I do it has changed.  I’ve lightened, lost density, slowed down.

And with those changes I’m shedding solemnity.  (I’ve never valued solemnity in spiritual practice, yet in truth I have sometimes been solemn.)  My arms have freed themselves to move and engage and explore.  I’m discovering myself as softer and more playful in the room. My attention has improved and shifted into the act of moving through the air around me.  I am much more aware of being held in my energy body.  And I really like it.

Why Martian?  It’s the sense of reduced gravity.  I first thought of Lunar – but that’s too far in the other direction.  So, Martian.

This change was spontaneous and body led.  But I believe I owe it to the contemplative inquiry I’m doing.  When I wrote  my first walking round in circles post, I was letting go of old Buddhist teaching and moving into a place of inner authority.   My writing let me identify and put down what is now a burden, and freed me for another experience.  And I’ve also realized more fully that contemplative inquiry as I understand the term is mostly about opening creative spaces for integrated and embodied knowing.

The inquiry continues.